Neetol on Vocals & the Guitar

. . . in his own words!!


I started down this musical path when I was 7 years old. Later I went on to do my first music lesson - a six-year Certificate Course @ the Division of Classical Music and Tagore Songs in Chayanot, Dhaka. Later I sung in a few shows. At about 16, I became interested in Guitars. I went ahead and bought some guitar book and borrowed a guitar from my uncle and learned how to play basic guitar on my own. After I finished my high school I joined a band called " The Invaders " as a lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. We performed 6 indoor and 2 open-air concerts. Finally after I finished college I quit the band and came to the US to pursue my bachelor's degree.

Here I met some people such as Mohan and couple other guys and joined their band, Mobile Sangeet Milan. But, because of a busy schedule I quit after 7 months. About that time, I met Sumon, who played Tabla. We started practicing whenever we got the opportunity to do so. We got a few gigs such as during Eid festival, Thanksgiving holiday get-togethers and couple of international student nights.

Finally in 1999, Mohan, Suman, and I got reunited and decided we will
form a band. We were introduced to Deepak who joined us a a singer and keyboardist.


I graduated in 1999 with a Bachelors in Business Administration from University of South Alabama and am currently finishing my second degree in E-commerce and hoping to be graduated by April 2003.


Currently, I am a Customer Service Manager for Cingular Wireless. I started with Cingular in 1999 as an Assistant Manager. My job always keeps me
busy but I still make time to do music whenever I get a chance.


I have two brothers and a sister. My mom is a school teacher and my father is a dermatologist. My brother will soon graduate from the University in computer science. My sister is a professional painter and also works part time as a graphic designer for a local company

Actually, my sister, my Dad and I went to a music school together and that pretty much tells you how much we love music.

I grew up with music in the environment. And I hope to do music as long as I live!!

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