Mohan does Dholak/Bongos and eDrums


Mohan started life with a Chenda (small pic on the left) in his hand. Of course before that was a table top to do his handiwork. He continued to be interested in percussion throughout his school and college years. Opportunities to perform with a Chenda in a band were pretty limited. So he had to switch to other better known percussion instruments - dholak, bongos, etc.

In the US, he was a founding member of Mobile Sangeet Milan (MSM), a band that survived for about 4 years during the early nineties. During that period MSM played various events in the region (AL, FL, MS, & GA) such as Diwali, Independence Day, Musical Nights, and a host of weddings. MSM was also invited to perform in the Alabama Folklife Festival (May 29-30, 1993).

Lately, as a member of Jhanak along with Neetol, Sumon, and Deepak, he has been refining Indian music.


Mohan is working at the University of South Alabama as a Professor of Marketing and Director of E-Commerce Programs. He has been at the University since the early nineties. Before moving to Mobile, he was with the University of Minnesota. Two years of *&^%$#@! cold weather made his choice to move to warmer climes a lot easier.


Mohan received his doctorate in business from University of Memphis and has both his Bachelors and Masters degrees from India. He considers himself to be a lifelong student.


Mohan lives in Mobile with his wife, Madhu, and two children Mayur and Maya.

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