elcome to a new dimension in Indian music. Call it the eight note!! Jhanak has been in the business of refining and interpreting Indian music for quite sometime. Starting with a few local performances, Jhanak has grown into a musical force in the region. But Jhanak is a not a business just in the business of having fun and exploring our creative talents.

We play Indian music. Period. Acceding to audience demands, we have amassed a repertoire of Hindi songs. But we run the gamut - Bengali, Tamil, etc.

Jhanak is composed of four performers and a band manager. The performers are as varied as you can get - Deepak, Neetol, Sumon, and Mohan. We also have a guest female singers for various shows.

The cast of characters are versatile - able to sing and play various instruments. We bring along keyboards, guitars, tabla, dholak, bongos, an electronic drum set, and all the accessories to make every song wholesome.

Jhanak also has its own PA system with a powerful mixer-amp and matching speakers that can blow the lid of any indoor auditorium in the South.

Here is how you can invite Jhanak to refine your taste in Indian music:


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