Deepak on Vocals and Keyboard


For about five years or so Deepak used to sing with a full orchestra while @ the College of Engineering in India. He performed at melas, college functions, and mostly public fuctions for larger crowds.

While in the US he sang @ University of Southern Mississippi for programs like Diwali, Holi, and similar Indian functions with a chota-mota band. During this time he picked up the art of keyboarding.


He says he did really graduate from Kinder Garten long time ago. He went on to finish his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering in India and his Masters in Manufacturing Technology from the University of Southern Mississippi.


His first taste (literally!) of working in the US came during 1990-1993 while washing dishes at the University of Southern Mississippi cafeteria. Not wanting to inflict any more pain (read: dirty dishes) on USM students, (after graduation) he joined Mitternight Boiler Works, Inc. in Alabama as its Director of Manufacturing. He has been there since 1993.

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